Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 29: The last library, a pub lunch, and a picnic

Thursday morning brought the final library visit of this month of everything libraries. We walked the short distance over the Thames to the Maughan Library, which is one of the libraries in the Kings College London system with which this program is at least residentially affiliated. Crazy to think that I've visited 19 libraries in this time!

Our whole librarian group went to the Old Bank of England Pub following our last tour. Located on Fleet Street, this pub is said to be situated above the tunnels that may or may not have featured in the legend of one barber Sweeney Todd. Christina and I were initially unable to make up our minds as to what type of pie we wanted; that is, until we decided to share between the two of us. She ordered chicken and asparagus, I ordered sweet potato and goat's cheese. Both were amazing.

Three of us then spent some of the afternoon shopping on Oxford Street--crowded as usual--before heading back to the flats to relax a bit. We reconvened at dinnertime for a picnic in the garden just behind our flats. We had a great time eating sandwiches (bacon, brie, spinach, and cranberries--mmm!), laughing about all manner of things, and talking about how we'll fill our last two days here in London before we all fly back to O'Hare on Sunday.

We also enjoyed the flowers blooming in the garden. I particularly enjoyed the thistle, as I always do:

I'll definitely be sad to leave a city with such lovely grounds all over the place!

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