Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 22: Getting to Bath

Thursday started pretty early, as I had to get up before 6 in order to get the bus from Dalkeith to the train station in Edinburgh in time for my 8 a.m. train. I spent a good 7 hours on the train, which was very comfortable. It was also lovely weather for looking out the window; occasional drizzles, but mostly sunshine and beautiful, fluffy clouds.

Of course, having enjoyed nice weather through a train window most of the day, I stepped out at Bath station into a drizzle which quickly turned into a full-on heavy rain. (But we do not feel it here, with our nice pavements.) I made my way to the hotel where I'm staying; cozy indeed!

After freshening up a bit, I donned the really useful raincoat that saved the climb up Arthur's Seat and went out to look at the shops before they closed. I did a bit of recon, as it were, trying to figure out what all I want to fit into my time here in Bath. I stumbled upon a really nice bookshop, Mr B's Emporium, to which I shall probably be returning because I've finished yet another book (amazing how that happens when you don't have a television!).

I finished my first evening in Bath with dinner at Jamie's Italian, one of Jamie Oliver's (love him!) restaurants. I decided to treat myself for the first meal of my mini-break (I only had munchie things and fruit on the train); you'll know that I really treated myself, because I started with a glass of Prosecco. I opted to have the fine breads selection for an appetizer: the cute little presentation included 6 types of bread, all delicious and served with some great olive oil and even greater balsamic vinegar.

Main course was the wild garlic tagliatelle, which had asparagus, peas, broad beans, tomatoes, and fennel mixed in with the tender pasta.

I couldn't resist the look of the ice cream on another table, so I got a bit for myself for dessert: small scoops of chocolate, plum, and vanilla honeycomb with toffee and orange sauces. Mmm!

I window-shopped a bit on my walk back to the hotel, where I had a nice cozy evening in and a hot shower. I wanted to be well-rested, as I'm quite excited for my continuing adventures in Bath!

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