Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 19: Edinburgh!

We took the bus from Dalkeith into Edinburgh this Monday morning, and we headed straight into the National Library of Scotland when we had gotten off the bus. After exploring the interesting exhibits there, a bunch of us ventured down the street to The Elephant House, a little coffee shop and eatery that has come to fame as of late because the owners would let a then-poor J.K. Rowling work on her new idea for a novel, some tale about a boy called Harry, while sitting in the shop. It's a good place to visit: the "Mallow Delight" hot chocolate was really good.

From there we ventured down to Greyfriars graveyard, the cemetary of Greyfriars Bobby lore. While perusing the grounds, it started to rain (which it would continue to do off and on all day, in true Scottish style), and so we took a bit of cover while deciding what to do next.

Holly and I went for a spot of shopping, enjoying all of the tartan and woolens. We stopped at a lovely place for lunch called St. Giles, where I thoroughly enjoyed a grilled bacon-and-brie sandwich on fresh ciabatta with a salad on the side. Really, anything with brie would be good, but melty as well? Perfect.

The whole library contingent met up again outside of Central Library Edinburgh for a talk and tour there, which was very interesting. Afterward, we meandered through St. Giles Cathedral, admiring the beautiful stained glass windows that I could never tire of viewing. One large window in particular, of Jesus calming a storm, is just breathtaking.

The cathedral made a good final stop for our first day in Edinburgh; from there we headed down to the train station to sort out some errands, and then took the bus back to Dalkeith and ate dinner. I'm not quite sure what shall happen with the rest of the night: perhaps a movie in the basement movie room, or perhaps some quiet reading. Whatever it turns out to be, I'll be happy; after all, I'm in Scotland!

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